To Lostmarc'h, the sea is a garden . . .

. . . a garden that grows plants and minerals that provide the secret to remarkable scents. Lostmarc'h products find their source in the borders of Brittany, in a small corner of paradise washed by the clear waters of the Gulf Stream. At the heart of this inspiring locale, Lostmac'h creates fragrances for the body and the home.

Our authentic, refined products are made from the finest raw materials, which are selected with the utmost care and processed close to their place of harvest.

A passion for beautiful materials, combined with the expertise of the perfume apothecary

Our perfumery is located on Lostmarc’h, a beach on the western most point of continental Europe, in the heart of an unspoiled wilderness with unique marine and plant diversity. 

The inspiration for Lostmarc’h creator Antoine Vuillermet, a third generation perfumer who hails from a family of perfumers and herbalists.

Today, Antoine Vuillermet strives to perpetuate his family’s craftsmanship by offering beautiful products with unique aromas and consisting of only the finest ingredients that are processed with the utmost care.